These are only those questions more than several people have emailed me to ask, in actual order of frequency :) please write to me if you're so inclined I like getting email, well... not spam, but who does?

Can I buy davin.com?

You would be amazed at how many people ask me this. I have a lot of friends who disappear periodically into the wilds of Asia and Eastern Europe. When They re-emerge, perhaps after years, I may have moved. They can always find some type of contact for me here cause it's the most stable element of my life. So I would be hard pressed to part with it for what I figure most people would feel was reasonable as it has truly kept friends in my life I would otherwise have lost.

Who is Justin Cady?

I am. These mp3s are all me singing. There are few other Justin Cadys out there, one of whom is big into cars, and one of whom was also a musician but died young and tragically. He was a popular guy and there were a lot of web links about him when he died, Unfortunately we never met.

Why davin.com?

Good question actually. It's my middle name. My Grand Parents were Swedish, but my Grand Mother was an ethnic Finn. It's supposed to mean "bright finn" but that's just the way Moms tells it. I registered it literally in another age, before it was obvious to anyone what was truly going to be cool on the web. I was afraid doing your own name might be like having Vanity Plates on your Car, which, unless they were really clever, I always thought were lame as a Kid. I suppose now justincady.com would have been the better choice uh?

Can I use your mp3's on my site?

For the stuff I wrote, absolutely! As long as you're not selling anything with them then I'm 100% good with that, as long as you credit me, you don't even need to ask permission. In fact, I'd be flattered. You can hot link them if you want but please do give me an attribution. Hot linking used to cost me money cause people download dozens o' gigabytes of these things every month (this still amazes me as they're not really high quality recordings) . However, my current provider gives me as much bandwidth as I can use. This may change but for right now go ahead.

Do you have a CD I can buy?

I wish! Lord knows I'm trying, but I haven't got anything together I'd be comfortable charging you money for yet. As soon as do I'll let you know I promise.

When are you going to put up new material?

Real Soon! I promise, In the meantime you can check out something I just did Here where I go by mousdrvr