Welcome! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. mp35 "at" davin.com if the FAQ doesn't help. I really appreciate all the kind email I get about the mp3s, It's really the only reason I leave them up. However, while I'm flattered, grateful and quite shocked at the traffic they generate. I don't believe they're "all that" So, If you're looking for real culture, like Laura Lemay used to say back in the day, you can always try the Louvre

Thanks for listening!


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This one is about redemption. You're supposed to feel like it's going to come out OK. Reigh Warren (b vox) and Erik Marr (Guitars) I wrote it

Making Noise On Sunday

This is mine too. Something I did with a team of really cool people doing Internet Collaboration with a thing called CaPE. It's hosted here where I go by the hacker alias mousdrvr and am guilty of just about every musical crime we have a law for. If you're a musician you'll love it there. It's a great place.

Rivers Of Light (Acoustic)

I wrote this one as well. It was recorded with the help of my good friends Steve Hill (guitar) and Martin Morales (bass). My friend Amy Dykes, a really good singer, likes this version the best. It's about dropping an argument, sort of the romantic equivalent of "The secret of leaving the casino with money is leaving the casino with money"

Rivers Of Light

I did this version with my talented friends from Austin Reigh Warren (b vox) and Erik Marr (Guitars)